We are

Design Inspired by Nature

inspired by nature

Inspired by windows and skylights

illuminAi was developed by two Architects who were specifically interested in the impact of light from windows and other openings on human health and wellbeing.

The exposure to the right amounts of light during the day, as well as immersive views from nature, strongly impact our mood, energy levels, comfort, quality of sleep and our health and wellbeing in general.

Our Mission

Shine a light on circadian health

We emerged from our research with a simple goal: To lighten up every dark environment! We designed illuminAi  to make “Human Centric Lighting” accessible to everyone, and promote circadian and mental health.

illuminAi Tech founders

Morteza Matkan

Co-Founder & Director

Sadegh Panahi Azar

Co-Founder & Director


National startup award

illuminAi Tech made it to the Regional Shortlist for the 2021 National Startup Awards in the  Early Stage Startup > Dublin category!

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