A Technology Inspired by Nature

With a design inspired by windows and skylight – illuminAi brings the benefits of natural light and immersive views of nature to you


Human-centric Lighting

illuminAi mimics the daily rhythm of the sun and taps into the proven cycles your body follows each day, helping you to stay active during the day and rest well at night. 

Immersive views to nature

illuminAi’s dedicated app provides endless views to dynamic scenes of nature connection you to the outside world and improving mental health.


illuminAi provides the unique combination of light therapy with guided meditation and relaxation to invoke mental, emotional and physical healing and stress relief.

Lighting Intelligently Engineered for You

The programming of circadian lighting progression intelligently adjusts for your time of day, age and task

The illuminAi system is equipped with machine learning technology, and in time it will learn your lighting needs based on your preference and daily activities, and will provide the correct form of light at the right time for you.

Choose your goal

illuminAi gives you the right light based on your environment, age, and the activity of your choice.

Choose view/meditate

Choose from hundreds of dynamic and immersive views to nature, or invoke relaxation through the unique combination of light therapy and guided meditation

Take Control

illuminAi gives you the choice to set your own wake-up, and wind-down lighting scenario for every single day of the week

Cutting Edge Technology

Wake-up refreshed, boost productivity during the day, and relax for a goodnights sleep with illuminAi

High quality hardware

Designed and built with premium materials, fusing style and performance.

Wireless Charging

Equipped with a 15 watt qi universal wireless charger. Recharging you and your smartphone at the same time!

Always evolving

Easy to use mobile apps for iOS and Android. Regular software updates, unlocking new improved features.

The Tech, at a glance

These are the innovations and specs that make illuminAi the leading-edge technology

Perfect for every environment

illuminAi is designed to blend in any environment